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WWE: Company Signs Former TNA Star

According to, the biggest and most reliable Puerto Rico wrestling site, WWE has signed Germán Figueroa, better known as former TNA wrestler Apolo, to a developmental contract. Apolo will be reporting to Florida Championship Wrestling at the beginning of next year.

Figueroa worked in TNA during it’s beginning, and is a former NWA World Tag Team Champion with D’lo Brown. He was a part of the original incarnation of the Latin American Exchange, but no-showed a TNA pay-per-view in January 2006, shortly after the group’s formation. He was replaced by the wrestler Machete at the next month’s pay-per-view, who was eventually replaced by Hernandez. Apolo was released by TNA in February 2006.

Figueroa was a participant in a TNA event that took place on June 3, 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Figueroa was booked to wrestle in a tag team match with Jeff Jarrett against Scott Steiner and James Storm — Figueroa’s team won the match. A sidekick applied to Steiner by Figueroa injured his trachea. After Steiner confronted respiratory problems he underwent surgery in a nearby hospital. Steiner was hospitalized for several weeks. Steiner revealed on the July 20, 2007 edition of TNA Today that he was initially given 5 hours to live by doctors, and showed off an 18-inch scar.

Figueroa has had his share of legal problems in the past year. He was arrested on May 23, 2007 for missing a child-support payment, he was released one week later after part of the alimony money was lent by his best friend. A few weeks later on June 22, 2007, Figueroa was jailed after he supposedly twisted the arm and squeezed the neck of his wife, former professional wrestler Verónica Polera, also known as Havana. The couple where traveling through a road when the incident happened. Following the incident, Polera sought refuge in the police headquarters. Polera was attended by medical personnel in the Center of Diagnosis and Treatment of Bayamón. According to the prosecutor in the case, Polera had bruises on her neck. Figueroa was subsequently arrested after a judge determined there was cause for his arrest. Figueroa was arrested and the judge established the bail amount at eight thousand dollars, which he paid later that evening.’