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WWE: Updated on 2 recent wellness policy violations

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted on January 16, developmental wrestlers Derrick Neikirk and Chet the Jet (real name Neil Bzibiak) were both suspended by World Wrestling Entertainment for 30 days for Wellness Policy violations. The latest on Neikirk is that it was believed by everyone in Florida Championship Wrestling that he was fired just before the announcement of his drug test failure came out. His status is still unclear at the moment, so we’ll just see have to wait a few weeks to see if he returns to FCW. If not, he’s probably done with the company.

Neikirk has been in developmental for years, but has never really stood out, which is why he has yet to be called up to the main roster. Although, Jody Hamilton was high on him at times in Deep South Wrestling when it was still around. Neikirk was almost fired last year after DSW shut down, but Johnny Ace made the decision to keep him on the payroll. Neikirk was a first-rate college baseball player before he started his wrestling career and Ace thought there was some marketing potential in that.

In the case of Chet the Jet, his future WWE prospects aren’t looking too good. Bzibiak is said to be on the "endangered species" list.

The two wrestlers recently changed their ring names for Florida Championship Wrestling. Neikirk works as Derrick Linkin and Bzibiak works as Chet Douglas