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WWE: Further Update On Rey Mysterio’s Surgery

Contrary to reports indicating otherwise, Rey Mysterio did not have a new procedure to repair his torn right biceps muscle, reports Dave Meltzer in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Mysterio wanted Dr. David Chao of the San Diego Chargers to perform the surgery in case he was a candidate for the new procedure that is said to greatly speed up recovery time. However, the severity of Mysterio’s injury was not known until he was opened up. It was discovered that Mysterio’s injury was very severe as it was a complete rupture of the tendon and the usual surgery to repair it was completed.

Chao told WWE sources that it was one of the worst biceps injuries that he had ever seen and more damage was done when Mysterio continued to work injured. Mysterio is expected to be out six to nine months to fully recover from the injury, however, he could return sooner depending on how his rehabilitation goes.

Mysterio was said to be completely disheartened about missing his second WrestleMania straight. Not only does the injury cause him to miss the biggest event of the year, but the bonus pay that goes along with it.