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WWE: Update on Rey Mysterio’s injury

It was reported by that Rey Mysterio did more damage to his right biceps when he continued to work with the torn muscle by wrestling Edge and Chavo Guerrero the week after the injury.

Surgery was performed by the doctor of the San Diego Chargers, Dr. David Chao. When Chao opened up Mysterio, he said it was one of the worst biceps injuries he had ever seen, a complete rupture of the tendon. Chao said he expected Mysterio to be out six-to-nine months however that could be a work.

The original procedure, which was just developed, was said to speed up recovering time significantly, and Mysterio would be back in approximately six weeks. However if the tear was so bad that they had to use the usual method, then six to nine months is the normal recuperation period. Of course Rey is ready to get back to action as soon as possible.