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TNA: Knockouts not getting along backstage?

A meeting was held at last week’s TNA Impact tapings to address some of the drama between TNA Knockouts. reports that the bulk of the backstage heat is directed at Traci Brooks, Gail Kim and Christy Hemme. Some of the women that are new to the company claim the three act like they’re above everyone else.

There were reports to management that Traci Brooks lashed out at Velvet Sky for not holding up her end of the match with Gail Kim last week. Another issue was when Rhaka Khan apparently offended the makeup woman by complaining several times that she wasn’t happy with the look she was giving her.

Neither ODB nor Awesome Kong have been mentioned in the drama, and Kong is said to be especially well liked in the locker room. Kurt Angle was even throwing ideas around about him putting her over on TV.