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WWE: John Cena speaks about WWE Films latest movie ’12 Rounds’

John Cena’s new movie "12 Rounds" is currently being shot in New Orleans with an eye on a PG-13 rating to draw in the demographic that was missed with WWE’s previous R-rated movies. The director says the movie could turn Cena into a mainstream star. Filming continues until May and Cena’s schedule allows him to get away and still perform with WWE.

The former WWE champ explains the movie’s plot: "After I’ve been promoted to detective, I kiss my wife-to-be goodbye and she leaves the house. I walk out of the house, I get a phone call from this criminal, and my house blows up," Cena said. "And that’s where we start with, ‘OK, I’m out of prison, I’m coming to get you, your girl is collateral, but I’m going to put you through these 12 rounds for what you did to me a year ago.’"

He is doing his own stunts through various car chased and car scenes "because I’m much more comfortable behind the wheel than saying lines to the camera."