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TNA: Knockout has her MySpace profile hacked and deletated

Some people have been wondering about the mysterious disappearance of Shelly "Salinas" Martinez’ MySpace account. As it turns out, it was hacked & deleted last Thursday night. The URL is currently being occupied by an imposter pretending to be Shelly Martinez, who has copied the former page’s layout and text down to a T. Fellow TNA Knockout Angelina Love sent out the following bulletin through her MySpace page on behalf of her friend so that Martinez could explain what had happened. Martinez plans on having a new MySpace page up soon. Here is her message: Hello everyone I just wanted to inform all of you about some lame ass drama going on. I have spent for about a year now a ton of time on my myspace to give my fans a little insight of my life outside and inside of wrestling. I use to be totally anti-myspace but when I came to find out that there were imposters my webmaster advised me to make an official myspace so I did. I truly care about my fans and I know that I am a fan of different people and I dig knowing little things about them that are more personal so I like to give that to my fans. So my myspace got deleted I thought it was due to an art picture I posted when I recently visited San Francisco but now it is mysteriously up and say "Shelly is missing in action…." it also says: The Mysterious MySpace Disappearance starring Shelly Martinez Stay tuned to learn the fate of our missing heroine. I find it odd that someone has no life and nothing better to do than to hack my computer and post ignorant things. I am working on a new page so I am so sorry you guys and gals are not able to check out the stuff that going on with me and my wrestling. I promise I will try to fix this fast. And to whoever hacked me f*ck em you think messing with my little myspace will ruin me or keep me down-sike!! I am the Living Dead Girl BITCH!! Much love to my fans, family and friends Shelly Martinez the one and only!!!!!!