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TNA: Earl Hebner talks about his role; won’t go back to WWE

TNA referee Earl Hebner said he hopes to expand his role with the company. “`Right now it’s just refereeing, but I think it’s going to get around to doing other things,” he told the Miami Herald. “I like training the young refs, make good refs, because there’s not many of them around. When I went to TNA, I told them I didn’t want to take anybody’s job. I was there to help them. I want to help that company so much because they’re growing good, and I just want Vince McMahon to know there’s other promoters in this wrestling business besides himself.”

Hebner also said he has no desire to return to WWE, but would be fine with it if his son Brian Hebner decided to go back. “I would never go back to WWE, but if that’s what he wants. The reason I wouldn’t go back to WWE is because I wouldn’t be happy there. Even though it is more money than TNA pays me, TNA makes me happier. It’s not a money factor for me now. It’s being happy doing what you’re doing and enjoying it.” To read the full story, visit