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WWE: More news about Ashley Massaro; she is the bikini model model?

In light of some Ashley Massaro fans saying that the escort scandal is a case of mistaken identity and that the person allegedly involved is not the WWE Diva, Awful Plastic Surgery decided to take one of their theories to task. The website compared the WWE Diva’s physical features to a bikini photo of “an alleged Las Vegas model who happens to have the same name as WWE wrestling diva, Ashley Massaro.” According to Awful Plastic Surgery, fans of Massaro have been saying that the girl in the bikini photo is a dead ringer for the WWE Diva, but actually an entirely different person. Awful Plastic Surgery comes to the conclusion that it’s the same exact person. They wrote: “It is the same girl in both photos. They both have the same fake breasts that sit high, identical scar jaw lines and heavy masculine brows. The only difference are the lips on the right, which is are larger thanks to collagen. A little lip collagen does not make a person look completely different, nice try WWE fan club.” You can read “Ashley Massaro Spin Control” at ¬†