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WWE: Beth Pheonix talks about were the ‘Glamazon’ name started

Beth Phoenix discussed her training and revealed who came up with the Glamazon name during a Miami Herald interview. “I have so much experience, and I’ve been through the trenches,” Phoenix (a/k/a Elizabeth Kocanski) said. “I’m street smart as well as technically smart. I bring something to the table that no other [WWE Diva] brings. Although my road to the top was a little bit longer and difficult, it’s definitely tremendous. That road makes me appreciate what I have a lot more, and it makes me obviously more dangerous.”

She also commented on the Glamazon name. “The Glamazon is a name I came up with for myself,” she said. “I heard it used in the fashion world, but the way it’s applied to me is a little bit different because I’m different from the norm or the cookie cutter diva.” To read the full interview, visit