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WWE: Quarter hour breakdown of June 9th Raw rating

The ratings are in for the June 9th edition of WWE RAW and Houston: we have a problem.

With all the hype and hoopla over Mr. McMahon’s Million Dollar Giveaway, this week’s show did a 3.03 cable rating (down from last week’s 3.06). This week’s show did hourly numbers of of 2.97 and 3.09.

Here are the quarter-hour ratings:

9:00 2.83
9:15 2.82
9:30 3.17
9:45 3.08
10:00 3.21
10:15 3.03
10:30 3.15
10:45 3.02
Overrun 3.00

Any way you slice it, WWE is in trouble. The company desperately needs to shake things up and a cash giveaway contest is not the answer. Million Dollar Mania was clearly a flop. Seeing this week’s rating, I can’t see Vince doing more than 1 more week of this.