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WWE: Big update on reason Lance Cade was released

New information has surfaced concerning the sudden release of WWE Raw superstar Lance Cade last week. According to a report released by, abuse of prescription drugs appeared to be a major catalyst for the seizure Cade had during a flight with colleague Lillian Garcia. Generally, WWE would suspend wrestlers who are found abusing prescription drugs for 30-60 days, however, considering the abuse in Cade’s case resulted in a potentially life threatening seizure, they decided to terminate his contract as they felt the situation was much more grave than any others they have dealt with in the past.

Following the seizure, Lillian Garcia informed flight attendants that Cade was a professional wrestler, and he was rushed to a hospital as soon as the plane landed. He was reportedly still incoherent while at the hospital, and the medical staff ran a battery of tests to determine if the injury was athletic as opposed to drug related. Of course this report is now indicating that drug abuse may have played a key factor in this potentially deadly seizure.