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TNA: Signing Of UK ‘Gladiators’ Star Officially Announced

Dixie Carter has been interested in signing other UK wrestlers and has expressed interest in other "Gladiators" in the past, so the recent announcement of signing Nick Aldis is sort of a buy one get one free.

In the past she showed interest in Gladiator, Wolf, and in UK high spot wrestler, Pac, but neither ended up being signed.

Currently TNA has UK wrestler, Doug Williams, under contract for a limited of dates.


Good news for our fans in the United Kingdom…you’re about to start seeing a whole lot more Total Nonstop Action! In addition to "iMPACT!" on Bravo and our upcoming January tour, TNA will be expanding even more in the UK in 2009!

– TNA recently signed UK "Gladiator" star Nick Aldis, who was in the United States two weeks ago to prepare for his upcoming debut in TNA. Aldis was known as "Oblivion" on the UK version of Gladiator. will be providing more info on Aldis on the coming days! Aldis joins Doug Williams as the newest TNA UK roster members.

– In addition, will be launching an official TNA/UK website in the next few weeks, featuring news on UK touring, broadcasts, live events, DVDs, superstars and so much more!

– Plus, TNA will soon be a major presence on the Virgin Media website, one of the top sites in the UK.

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