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WWE: Hulk Hogan’s Twitter Game Continues

I recently signed up for the newest craze, called "Twitter". Go to for details. You can get one-line updates from various people, including celebrities. I have just received the latest Twitter from Hulk Hogan, who has been sending hints about possibly facing Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. Here is the latest, followed by the others that he has sent (keep an eye out for Chris Jericho’s initials- CJ):

Ran into someone who is also sick and tired of these (C)ommon (J)abronis talking too much.

-This one came in just a little bit before 6/5c this evening.

Here are the rest (all times in central time):

Thurday, 1PM: It really gets under my skin seeing these Johnny-Come-Latelys disrespect the guys who built the industry they use to feed their families.

Wednesday, 4:13PM: A lot of impostors on here. Might have to put the hurt on them. They should keep their eyes on RAW for the next couple weeks.

Monday, 6:13PM: A lot of questions about me being in Houston around April 5th. All I can say is you NEVER know! Lets just say I am willing to do what I can.

February 20, 2:17PM: I spoke with Vince, he is open to me coming back and doing something, maybe at Wrestlemania. Stay tuned Maniacs.