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SSP #8: Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania

In this weeks edition of the Shooting Star Press I will be talking about The Heart-break Kid Shawn Michaels and his record at Wrestlemania going into the 25th Anniversary as well I as the usual “Good Idea, Bad Idea.”
Lets begin by going back in time to April 2, 1989, Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Trump Plaza where a 23 year old kid with the wrestling name of Shawn Michaels was about to make his Wrestlemania debut against the Twin Towers.
Wrestlemania 5
The Twin Towers (Akeem & The Big Boss Man ) Vs The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty).
The road to Wrestlemania 5 started in 1988 for Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty as this is when they returned for their second run within the WWF; and they quickly became fan favourites. They had a lot to learn despite the fan support and this match against the massive Twin Towers was their first lesson as far as Wrestlemania was concerned. The match ended in defeat for The Rockers but this was only the beginning for Shawn Michaels on the greatest stage of them all.
Wrestlemania 6
The Orient Express (Sato and Tanaka) Vs The Rockers.
The next year at the Skydome in Toronto and The Rockers taste defeat yet again, but this time to The Orient Express by count-out. At this point in time no one could imagine that Shawn Michaels would go on to put on some of the best Wrestlemania performances that anyone has ever seen.
Wrestlemania 7
The Rockers Vs The Barbarian and Haku.
It”s Los Angeles California this time round and The Rockers open the show by defeating the Barbarian and Haku in what would be the last appearance at Wrestlemania for the Rockers but would bookmark the first mania win for Shawn Michaels.
Wrestlemania 8
Shawn Michaels Vs El Matador Tito Santana.
They say that the opening match at any show is always reserved for great talent as they need to get the crowd pumped up for what”s to come, and for the second year running, The now Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is opening the show. This would also become Shawn”s second victory at Wrestlemania, marking his first singles win.
Wrestlemania 9
Intercontinental Championship: Tatanka Vs Shawn Michaels.
Yet again Shawn Michaels is opening the show and although the history books will show a loss for Shawn Michaels via count-out on the night, he kept his Intercontinental Title during a storyline that will always make the fans of that era remember that the title does not change hands as a result of a count-out.
Wrestlemania 10
Intercontinental Championship: Razor Ramon Vs Shawn Michaels.
Argued as one of the best matches ever, HBK begins to start stealing the show in a ladder match that many will remember as the one that started something that to this day is still used on the greatest stage of them all. On the night Shawn Michaels lost the match but cemented himself in history.
Wrestlemania 11
WWF Championship: Diesel Vs Shawn Michaels.
Wrestlemania 11 and Shawn is taking on his former bodyguard in his first ever WWF Heavyweight Championship match with a mini entourage consisting of former World Champion Sid and Jenny McCarthy. Kevin Nash as Diesel was not without support for this encounter as he picked up the victory with Pamela Anderson in his corner.
Wrestlemania 12
WWF Championship: Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels.
Argued as one of the greatest match-up”s of all time. Shawn Michaels would step into the ring with The excellence of execution Bret “The Hitman” Hart. History was made on this night and the feeling going into it made you think that the night was in fact made for Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid would make his entrance by swinging down from the rafters and then proceed to wrestle one of the greatest wrestlers of all time for one hour in the first ever Iron Man Match at Wrestlemania. The match would go into sudden death over time with no decision made through-out the contest; Shawn would eventually catch Bret with Sweet Chin Music and make his boy-hood dream come true.
Wrestlemania 14
WWF Championship:Stone Cold  Steve Austin Vs Shawn Michaels.
Two years go by and Shawn Michaels is Champion once again, leading one of the most popular wresting factions of all time with Triple H and Chyna. Shawn is suffering from back problems and needs surgery. In pain Shawn Michaels loses to Steve Austin at the turn of the attitude era with Austin at the helm. Mike Tyson gets the final shot on Shawn which would make headline news on the sports pages of newspapers all over the world. Another show stealing performance by Shawn in what many thought was his last ever match.
Wrestlemania 19
Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels.
Never say never in the WWE and it may have taken five years but it was five years worth waiting for to see the show-stopper on the big stage again. One of the matches of the night with-out a doubt against Chris Jericho in what is personally my favourite Wrestlemania to date. Shawn starts right back where he left off and with this match would lay the foundation for what would become the feud of the year in 2008.
Wrestlemania 20
World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Benoit Vs Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels.
Another match of year as Shawn Michaels would compete at the 20th anniversary of Wresltemania in a Triple Threat match-up. Benoit would go on to win the title but the show was stolen yet again by the fact that Shawn Michaels was back in the main event where he belonged.

Wrestlemania 21

Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels.
It may not have been for a world title but this match-up was not only the match of the night, but it was also to become the match of the year. The rest of the card including Undertaker Vs Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio Vs Eddie Guerrero came second to this encounter as Shawn Michaels although losing; yet again stole the show.

Wrestlemania 22

No Holds Barred: Shawn Michaels Vs Vince McMahon.
Unless Vince McMahon is fighting family, he”s generally fighting really big names, Hogan and Austin come to mind. The fact that at Wrestlemania 22, Vince is taking on Shawn Michaels just shows how big HBK has become. Shawn would go on to win this match adding a fifth win to his Wrestlemania record.

Wrestlemania 23

WWE Championship: John Cena Vs Shawn Michaels.
At the time, John Cena had a lot of people on his back questioning his ability, but at Wrestlemania 23, Shawn Michaels brought out the best in him. In another show-stopping performance HBK would lose in the main event but came out on top when after the night he claimed that he was the better man on the night; not John Cena and the fans agreed.

Wrestlemania 24

Shawn Michaels Vs Ric Flair
Match of the night, Match of the year and Moment of the year. Without a doubt a show-stealing moment that many thought should have been the main event. Shawn Michaels would pick up his sixth win on the night by retiring The Nature Boy Ric Flair for which he will always be remembered for.
To date Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania record shows as follows:
Out of 15: Won:6 – Lost: 9
It goes without saying that The Heartbreak Kid will steal the show with The Undertaker, but will he win? His record compared to The Phenom”s isn”t that impressive and it can be argued that a match with HBK in itself is enough and he doesn”t have to win, history could agree with that. In saying this Shawn could indeed make Mania history yet again by defeating The Undertaker; but either way, it will be a show-stopping performance.

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

* I have a joint good idea this week. It”s a draw between the announcement of the Intercontinental Title Match at Wrestlemania as well as the announcement of the Unified Tag Team Title match (They must of read my blog :)) at Wrestlemania.

Bad Idea

* Not necessarily a bad idea on the WWE”s part as so much as bad form. I wasn”t impressed with the lack of tribute to Andrew “Test” Martin who spent so many years with the company.

Next Week I will be posting a blog on my Wrestlemania Predictions. The following week I shall be absent due to being in Texas for the festivities. Upon my return I will blog to you about my experiences from Wrestlemania 25, The Hall of Fame and other events and happening of my Trip.
Until then Peeps”..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.