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WWE: Company Offers Help To Drug Addicted Ex-Employees

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March 24, 2009

Beginning in September 2007, WWE distributed its first rehabilitation assistance offer to all former WWE contracted talent.  The goal of the initiative is designed to help any former talent that may have a substance-related dependency problem.  The WWE distributes an annual letter to all former talent notifying them of the program and relevant details.  In March 2009, more than 535 former talent letters were sent out.  The WWE has a confidential hotline where former talent may call and seek admittance to a certified treatment center, with all expenses covered by WWE.  In addition, the WWE maintains regular contact with talent who have entered a rehab program or reached out for WWE assistance.  To date, 3.1% of former talent have accepted assistance.

To read the annual letter, please go to:

For further information or questions, please contact the WWE Corporate Communications Department at (203) 328-2579.