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Big WWE News: Reason Behind The Release of Mr. Kennedy

The early word on why Mr. Kennedy received his surprising release from World Wrestling Entertainment yesterday was that in addition to injuring himself yet again, his nearly injuring Randy Orton was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kennedy returned to RAW this past Monday night after spending ten months on the shelf rehabbing a badly injured shoulder. In his first match back, during a spot in the main event with Randy Orton, Kennedy injured his wrist.

However the more important issue in the eyes of WWE management was that Orton nearly re-injured his bad shoulder as a result of an errant move on the part of Kennedy.

According to sources, Orton and Kennedy had words backstage after the show, although it was said it wasn’t heated. Apparently Orton very calmly dressed Kennedy down, explaining he has to be more careful so he doesn’t injure anyone else in the ring. confirmed the release of Mr. Kennedy on the website yesterday in their "Industry News" tab.