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WWE: JBL Says That He Will Always Be A "WWE Guy"

In a blog over at, JBL had the following to say concerning rumors that he is currently in talks with TNA: "I have not had talks with TNA about joining TNA. I wish TNA the very best and Dixie Carter has been nothing but great to me as a fellow supporter of the troops where I have met her a couple of times as my role of emcee with The American Freedom Foundation, a fundraiser for our wounded heroes-perhaps this is where the misinformation came from, or from our connection in Nashville since we both have homes there and business. Mrs. Carter has never approached me about joining TNA, nor has anyone else from the company. Let me repeat-I have never had talks with TNA and they have never approached me about joining their company. I wish all of them the very best, but I am a WWE guy and will never be anything but a WWE guy."