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Big WWE News: Trish Stratus To Guest Host RAW On September 14!

The September 14 edition of Monday Night RAW will have stratusfaction
guaranteed as former seven time Women’s champion Trish Stratus has
reportedly accepted the guest host gig as RAW rolls into Stratus’ home town
of Toronto. The Air Canada Centre website is pushing Stratus’ name to sell
more tickets to the event. Trish was contacted to be a part of the
WrestleMania XXV women’s battle royal however she politely refused after
getting the idea of how the match was going to be presented. Some people in
WWE were annoyed at the rejection but it looks like everything is cool again
between the two parties. Trish came out of retirement for one night only on
December 23, 2008 during RAW where she teamed up with John Cena to take on
Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix which was also at the Air Canada Centre in