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Jim Cornette Speaks On His TNA Release, Returning To WWE, & Vince Russo

A new Jim Cornette audio commentary has been posted, which you can check out here. The audio update is roughly 35-minutes long, and Cornette discusses his departure from TNA. Here are the highlights:

Terry Taylor, Dixie Carter and everyone at TNA felt that he wasn’t 100% with creative which is why it would hamper him doing his job. Cornette agrees that he was not 100% behind Vince Russo, and knows that they would never completely agree. Cornette and Russo did have talks over the phone about creative.

Dixie Carter told him that she appreciates all of his contributions and that the door is always open for him to return if he’s 100% with the creative direction, they’d love to have him back in the future. Cornette again said that he would likely never be 100% behind Russo, but that his conversation with Carter ended on a happy note.

Cornette says that Carter wants to win, and that she feels it is important for everyone to be on the same page. The ending of his run was professional, there was no big fight, no screaming. TNA simply picked Russo over him, and to him that is not a big deal. He tolerated Russo, as was asked of him, but again, was not behind him 100%. He was on TNA’s team, and while there is no animosity with Russo, again, he just cannot follow him 100%.

Cornette again says that there was no big blow up as the Sun falsely reported. TNA had to make the best decision for TNA, and since he couldn’t follow the creative direction completely, he was off of the team.

When he found out that Ed Ferrara was coming to the No Surrender PPV his feelings were a bit hurt, but it is what it is. TNA had the right to make the decisions that they did. They have a creative plan and are putting people in pace that will follow and execute that.

Cornette said that he would absolutely return to TNA. WWE lied to him and screwed him, and they did it for personal reasons. What TNA did was not personal, it was business. He has no ill will towards TNA, and says that there need to be that alternative. He again says that he cannot say he is 100% behind Russo and Ferrara, and that he tried to fix the way Russo does some things, but it just wasn’t meant to be. He does admit that Russo is a lot easier to get along with these days.

When asked, he says that he will not return to WWE, but that he may work with OVW again. He wishes TNA all the best, and says that if things change (Russo and Ferrara) and they want him back, that he would be interested.