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The Rumor Mill: Featuring Christian, Chris Benoit, Kanye West and More

Welcome to The Rumor Mill, I’m The Informant and I’ll be your host! Think you know what’s really going on in the wrestling world? Find the latest rumors doing the rounds here. Truth or fiction? You decide!
With just a couple of hours to go before he defends the ECW Title against Zack Ryder on ECW on Syfy, a fresh rumor has come out stating that ECW Champion Christian may have suffered an injury during his match with Paul Burchill last week (aired as a part of WWE Superstars, but was taped before ECW). The type of injury is currently unknown and thus, the severity is unknown. While it could be a minor injury, many believe that Christian may be dropping the ECW Title to Zack Ryder tonight so that he can get it taken care of. Time will tell”
On last night’s RAW, Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia gave her farewell speech before leaving the WWE after ten years with the company. Just one day after her departure, the WWE is currently considering her as a Guest Host for RAW on November 16 when RAW comes to her hometown of New York City. An early plan was to have her Guest Host next week’s RAW in Albany and have that be her final night with the WWE, but it looks as though that will be held off until they are actually in her hometown, not in her home state.
One of the big rumors going around now is that WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin may be making a surprise appearance at the Decade of SmackDown special on October 2. The general idea for the show (besides celebrating ten years of SmackDown) is to put an emphasis on the former Superstars of SmackDown.
Another rumor going around about the Decade of SmackDown special is that it may feature a special Champion Vs. Champion Match between Intercontinental Champion John Morrison and United States Champion Kofi Kingston. Both champions will be defending their titles at WWE Hell in a Cell just two days after the show, so it would make sense.
An early idea for the TLC pay-per-view in December (replacing Armageddon) was to have the top three matches on the card represent one of the elements in a TLC Match. For example, the WWE Title match would be a Tables Match, the World Heavyweight Title match would be a Ladder Match, and the ECW Title match would be a Chair Match (the same way a Singapore Cane Match is contested). The idea has allegedly been scrapped for now in favor of having the main event matches all be TLC Matches. There are still a few months before the event happens, so plans can always change again. The general consensus backstage is that they will still use the Tables Match, Ladder Match, & Chair Match idea, but it will more than likely be on the RAW, ECW, & SmackDown leading up the pay-per-view (likely non-title as well).
Reportedly, the original idea was to announce CM Punk Vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Title on last week’s SmackDown, but the concern about Undertaker’s health made them second guess it. It’s likely that the match will be announced this week, but that the match will be shorter and, to make up for it, they will make the DX Vs. Legacy Hell in a Cell Match longer.
An early rumor going around after last night’s RAW is that a “famous singer” will be filling the role of RAW Ring Announcer left by Lilian Garcia and her departure last night. It is expected that the singer will be a female singer and no one name has been passed around, but the gig would only last a week or two while WWE finds a new Ring Announcer.
Yesterday, many sites reported that WWE had contacted singer Kanye West with a $10 Million offer to do one pay-per-view and two television appearances for the company that would see him wrestle at said events, but that rumor was debunked yesterday by Jim Ross via his blog. It’s being said now that WWE has offered an unknown sum of money to Kanye to serve as Guest Host sometime in the future and that the rumor going around about Kanye wrestling were fabricated by the original source.
It’s believed backstage that, with Vince McMahon, little by little, allowing footage of Chris Benoit to be shown on DVD releases that, in a few years, Vince may even agree to have Benoit inducted into the Hall of Fame. While it seems unlikely now, in a few years time, a lot of people feel that it could very well happen.
Reportedly, Vince McMahon has been taking more of an interest in the SmackDown brand than he has since the RAW Guest Host thing started and Vince was allegedly unhappy with Batista’s match with Chris Jericho on SmackDown and that he wanted to see Batista with the World Heavyweight Title as soon as Survivor Series. It looks as though Vince has pulled the plug on that idea for now and an alternate direction is being discussed.

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