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WWE: Jim Ross’ MRI Results Come Out Inconclusive

In his latest blog update, Jim Ross said that the MRI results from Friday
didn’t turn up as expected and more tests will have to be conducted. "I
still remain confident that all these health issues will work out in due
time. The road just got a little bumpier, or so it seems, for now, but
that’s when people roll up their sleeves and fight just a little harder,"
the Hall of Famer wrote. The neurologist and radiologist who took a look at
his results couldn’t agree on the outcome and more intense tests had to be
done today. Ross underwent MRI on his brain to see if there was any
permanent damage after his third Bell’s palsy attack last week. "People keep
asking me when I’m returning to work and there is no accurate answer to that
particular question. Again, and I stress, that it isn’t a matter of IF but
WHEN I will return to broadcasting," concluded Ross.