True or False? Plus Thoughts on WWE and TNA Shows

Zuffily duffily poopoo doooo zingy zingy zoooo humanoidz! (That’s NOT carny btw, that’s pure retardedness)! Sooooo kiddiez, I have lotz of creizap to spill about the rasslin’ world this week…

True or False KiZarnival crap:

(T/F) I hired a gay midget to slap Gene Snitski?
(T/F) I witnessed Undertaker dancing & singing to himself to Truth’s What’s Up’ song backstage at a Smackdown Live Event?
(T/F) I was told by Dr. Tom Prichard of the Heavenly Bodies to wear shoes when I had my first meeting with Vince McMahon?
(T/F) I paid Eric Young with icecream to do a bare handed head stand in a McDonald’s bathroom?
(T/F) I made Arn Anderson laugh by farting on Ryan Bradock?
(T/F) I made Dean Melenko laugh by farting on Beth Phoenix?
(T/F) I am mentally scared since ODB was the first girl EVER to fart on me?
I watched FCW this week… Sabastian Slater stop WOOO’ing—Flair and Zack Ryder already do that and DON’T listen to ‘Creative’ when they tell you to cut your hair STUPID! You too Lance Archer!… Tyson Tarver’s punch takes 1.9 seconds… about the same amount of time I was on Smackdown! Why do all the FCW guys remind me of iRobot??? And speaking of sci-fi…Justin Angel— Buck Rogers called and wants his space jammiez back! Biddi biddi biddi!!!

The above True or False KiZarnival crap: ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! No joke!
Cindy from Fort Wayne IN writes, “SiNN please go to TNA and beat up Eric Young!” Well Miss Cindy, if everybody in the rasslin’ universe bugs Dixie Carter & the Hulkster enough to hire me at TNA I promise to hunt down ErnieF’n Young and gut his dumb Canadian ass like a weizone fish teizwo fish greizeen fish bleizue fish!

The stand out steizuff in my humble zingy zing oppinion iz as follows….
Great matches on Smackdown Jericho vs Truth—cool to see the torch passin’ stuff going on with Truth or maybe Y2J was just still six sheets to the wind, eh Punchy???… McIntyre (The Euro Disney HHH, give me my finisher back you jerk!) vs Morrison… Rey vs HBK Feizuckin’ awesome dudez!!! Trent Baretta & Kaylan Croft (Known as the Dude Busters in FCW lol) along with the Woo Woo guy had a very athletic match on ECW against GoldDust, Huricane & Yoshi… Herro fatboy!!! Big Zeek’s arms are bigger then my legz soooo Christian run for your life ’cause my arms are bigger then your legs!!!

Sheamus vs Cena… Sheamus vs Orton at the Rumble, Sheamus bustin’ up Edgeward’s return speech… Sheamus you are hangin’ with the best in the world way to go fellah— Everyone is after Sheamus’ lucky charms!!! Gail Kim (whom I love & respect) won a mean ass match against Alecia Fox (whom I also love & respect…yummmm CHOCOLATE!) with Colt Cabana’s very well executed (yet stolen) finisher… But Fox redeemed herself by slapping the taste outta Webster’s mouth at ringside… Ooops, my bad, it was Carlton from Fresh Prince!

Double Jeff vs Mr. Anderson ANDERSON was fun… I would like to see Beer Money vs Scott Hall & Shawn Waltman me thinkz it would be neato! Hulkster vs Foley could be the second coming of Flair vs Funk with some stank on it!

My chubby chilhood freizend Edge winning the Royale with Cheese was very cool & great response on RAW too fatsoooo….

ECW being replaced with WWE’s next innovation in sports entertainment???… No more Abraham Washington show, then??? WTF?!?! (Insert Tony Atlas laughter HERE!<<<)…

Comedy banter with Punk & his sports entertainment Manson Family & DX made me giggle… The Elimination qualifying matches were great… HBK vs Orton I loved the finish— The Viper steeling a sneaky school boy outta Shawn’s signature kip up… HHH vs Swagger really showed that Swagger can wrestle well against people other the Christian… Cody & his purple socks were no match for Cena kinda like Chuck fighting Stone Cold on an airplane— He could see you Cody I guess you couldn’t see him—even Helen Keller could see those purple socks! Teddy Dibiase worlds new strongest man! Jamician food apparently disagrees with Big Shows tummy! Vinnie Mac squaring off with Captain F**kin’ Kirk!!! Hell yeah! Better then Vince vs God!!!… AND don’t get me started on Willie Shatner’s WWE spoken word theme songs!!! SOOOOO GREAT!!! POSSIBILITY THE GREATEST MOST GENIUS THING EVER!!! That will be a Youtube classic mark my wordz!!! Bret Hart & Will Shatner would be the greatest tag team in the galaxy (better then KiZARNY & Vincent ‘Doink’ McMAHON!!! They would go where no tag team has gone before!!!…
RIP Jack Brisco.

This weekend in St. Pete FL I am gonna cuddle with the Amazing Kong and kick the holy poopoo outta one of TNA’s heroe-in-the-making—Jesse Neal! Shawn Spears (formerly Gavin Spears of ECW) has his work cut out for him against Atlas Dabone (formerly Ricky Ortiz of ECW)! And if Barry Windham gets in MY way I will show him and Tony Danza who’s the freakin’ boss!!!

Shameless Self-Promotion:
If you wanna see your favorite Warlord of Weird SiNN BODHI return to TNA then please Tweet Dixie Carter @ TNADixie with ‘Hire KiZARNY!’ And spread the weizord!!! Peas n’ Carrotzzzzz!!!!

Just thought I’d let you know what was on my meizind!!!….

SiNN Bodhi ‘The Kizarnival freak’
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Undertaker will kill you if he finds out you told about his dancing hahahahaha I’m tripped out picturing him what’s up what’s up!

Did you like wrestling MVP? Bill and Bret tagging lol Doink McMahon lol Please come back to WWE I thought they cut you unfairly they they have superstars that should not be there too!

Really glad I’ve found your blogs here, they’re a great read! I was so stoked when you got brought up to SmackDown and super ticked when you got released, but have been doing my best to follow your career via the interwebz ever since. I’ve got to say, you and The Boogeyman would make for one hell of an entertaining tag team, you ought to get in touch with him and maybe try and run rampant on the indy circuit together…I’d pay good money to see it!

Yeah you and Boogeyman would be like the Road Warriors on acid!!! Also how come you and CM Punk are straight edge yet you both look deranged???

I signed a petition to get TNA to hire you and there are lots of people behind you! Good luck, hope to see you on TNA!

heres another shameless plug come see sinn bodhi and the dynamite death monkiez friday feb.26th @ tha advantage village academy gym 1201 22nd street south saint petersburg fl

Sinn you are so hot you look like Jack Sparrow! Please go to TNA not WWE they don’t have a clue!

I saw you wrestle Eric Escobar in Tupilo on Smackdown house show and you guys were the bomb! You squirted him with a water gun and danced like Elvis hahahahahahah

Are you gonna wrestle at TNA soon? I think you would be a new and exciting character! I wanna see you aganist Abyss or Pope. Your blogs are funny as hell too thanks for sharing your thoughts Sin.

Sinn please go to TNA! I signed petition for you and there is lots of people on it! I hope to see you on TNA!!! I love how unique you are!!!

Dude you would be way better at TNA then WWE because they are going against Raw and need unique wrestlers to give Vince competition. I want to see you wrestle Sting because you are both mysterious. You wrestling Jeff jarrett would be cool too because your circus tricks are cool and his guitar would not hurt you!

Hi Sinn what is the most painful thing you do on your freakshow? I saw pics of you getting darts thrown at you and that must really hurt! How do you bend the iron bar in your teeth? I saw the pic with you having a hook in your tongue and I must be weird because I think it is hot!!!

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