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WWE: Goldberg Offers More Details On A Potential WWE Return!

After confirming negotiations with the World Wrestling Entertainment, Bill Goldberg has given us more insight as to what his internal goals are. “Is it out of the question for me to have one more match?” Goldberg wrote via Twitter. “Answer is no…my son has never seen me wrestle and I’d love to see his reaction.”

Goldberg originally made it known that he had been in negotiations with WWE Wednesday via his Twitter page. Goldberg commented on negotiations, and TNA’s lack of interest in bringing him in. Wednesday, Goldberg also mentioned his son as being the main reason he is open to a contract with the WWE.

JR also commented on the negotiations giving a little more detail as to what the negotiations could possibly mean. JR, who at one point, handled Talent Relations, new contracts, extending contracts, ect has a great deal of knowledge of what options Goldberg has in terms of a contract. If a deal is reached, the deal could possibly be for gaming rights, merchandise and possibly an in-ring return.

As of press time, no deal has been made but Goldberg has made it very clear he is very interested in a deal, but what that deal brings, remains to be seen.