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SSP#27: WWE Fatal 4 Way Predictions

Hello peeps…it’s that time again.  It’s time for some monthly predictions, your June PPV History lesson and the usual SSP features for your amusement.
June History Lession
The month of June first saw a big WWE PPV in 1993, when one of my favourite PPV’s was re-introduced. The King of the Ring itself had been around since 1985, but never actually became a PPV until June of 1993 where Bret Hart won the tournament. What many people don’t realise is that the King of the Ring tournament prior 1993 was held in September of 1991 and was also won by Bret Hart. The King of the Ring held it’s spot for ten years up until 2003 when the WWE decided to introduce two PPV’s for the month of June. Starting with a UK PPV entitled Insurrextion and the official WWE entitled Bad Blood. 2004 would see the return of Bad Blood as well as the return of the Great American Bash now under the WWE’s banner. 2005 and 2008 saw One Night Stand and Vengeance that ran from 2005-2006 where it was then renamed to Night of Champions from 2007-2008. Last year saw The Great American Bash now being called The Bash and Extreme Rules in the same month. 2010 will now bring us Fatal Four Way which will be the only June WWE PPV to stand alone since 2002, it will be interesting to see if it can hold its position for the years to come. Personally I would love to see the King of the Ring return as a PPV, I believe the younger audience of today would take very well to the concept.

wwe fatal 4 way

*** Fatal Four Way***

The 1st Annual from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Colliseum in Uniondale, New York.


Sunday June 10th 2010

Featured Theme Songs:

“Showstopper” by TobyMac

US Championship
The Miz (C) Vs R-Truth
It’s very unusual to see both the US Championship and IC Championship on the one PPV card. It’s nice to see though. Both belts should be used as stepping-stones towards the main events on both shows in my opinion, and the superstars being used in those roles are bang on. In relation to Miz and Truth. I can see The Miz coming out on top, purely for the reason that he’s only just won the title back off Truth. Why would they pass it back again? In my opinion the WWE should have had the Fatal 4 Way match from Raw at the Fatal 4 Way PPV. It would of made more sense, and to me, given the match a less than predictable outcome.
Winner: The Miz
Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre Vs Kofi Kingston (C)
This is another one that seems to be going back and forth. Similar to the US Title, I think the WWE should have put this match as a Fatal Four Way. Although Drew is trying to get his title back off Kofi, he’s also still feuding with Hardy. Why not put the three into a match and throw a fourth into the mix. Considering the WWE are trying to push towards the younger audience, they sure are confusing them by having a talent feuding with several people at once. I can’t see this one changing back.
Winner: Kofi Kingston
Divas Championship – Fatal 4 Way
Eve (C) Vs Maryse Vs Gail Kim Vs Maryse
I don’t really see this going any other way than Eve retaining. None of the other diva’s seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary to stand out. Eve is on quite a roll and I don’t expect it to end any time soon. Watch this space…. Melina coming back as a heel might be in the works.
Winner: Eve

World Heavyweight Championship – Fatal 4 Way
CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio Vs The Big Show Vs Jack Swagger  (C)
Even though I think Swagger is a future major player, currently I believe that CM Punk should be holding the banner. He has a lot more heat and main event wise is a lot better. I’m not saying that Swagger shouldn’t be in the main event. I’m just saying that Punk would be better holding the belt at this moment in time considering how over he is as a heel. I’ve always considered Rey to be a main eventer, I think his last title reign was booked all wrong and really reserves another chance. For the time being I can’t see them taking the belt off Swagger as they want to cement him in there as a big player.
Winner: Jack Swagger
WWE Championship – Fatal 4 Way
Randy Orton Vs Edge Vs Sheamus Vs John Cena (C)
In my opinion this Fatal Four Way has been the only match created where the four superstars actually have a feuded history with each other. Each paring has either had a previous feud or developed one quite recently building up to this match. That to me makes this one slightly harder to call then the rest. In saying that, with Orton’s recent injury I can’t see the outcome going his way. Sheamus may not be ready for another title push just yet which leaves me torn between Edge and Cena. It could go either way with I see Orton V Edge continuing and Cena taking the final fall.
Winner: John Cena

SSP Quote of the Week

Wade Barrett’s Promo from Raw.

WWE Raw 14th June 2010

SSP Good Idea; Bad Idea

Good Idea

* The NXT invasion Angle, my hat goes off to the peeps that thought of it.

Bad Idea

* The Release of Daniel Bryan. Really harsh on him in my opinion.

SSP Top Ten

A lot of factors come into consideration to summarise the SSP Top Ten:

  • Overness (crowd reaction as a heel or face)
  • Backstage goings on
  • General performances both in the ring and on the mic.

Basically I’m ranking them on the current card position, what they are doing for the company and how entertaining they are.
Previous positions are in brackets…




1. John Cena (WWE Champion) [3]

1. Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Champion) [1]

1. Eve (Diva’s Champion) [-]

2. Edge [2]

2. CM Punk [3]

2. Michelle McCool (Womens Champion) [3]

3. Randy Orton  [1]

3. Big Show [2]

3. Natalya [5]

4. Sheamus [8]

4. Rey Mysterio [-]

4. Maryse [6]

5. The Miz (US Champion) [7]

5. The Undertaker [-]

5. Gail KIm [9]

6. Chris Jericho [-]

6. Kofi Kingston(Intercontinental Champion) [8]

6. Layla [8]

7. The Hart Dynasty (Unified Tag Champions) [9]

7. Kane [-]

7. Serena [-]

8. R -Truth [New]

8. Drew McIntyre [6]

8. Alicia Fox [New]

9. Ted DiBiase [10]

9. Christian [-]

9. Bella Twins [New]

10. Evan Bourne [New]

10. Matt Hardy [New]

10. Rosa Mendes[-]

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Until next time peeps..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.

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Well Sheamus stole the win while Ray Mysterio emerged world heavyweight champ.
It was rather predictable that the NXTs would appear to steal the limelight…

This PPV felt kind of rushed to me in terms of the build up for it. Also, John Cena retaining the title was very predictable.

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