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Is Linda McMahon Returning To The WWE?

Linda McMahon stated that she would not be returning to her previous job at World Wrestling Entertainment, at least not yet. When she was asked if she would run again for Senate, this time for seat occupied by Joe Lieberman in 2012, McMahon said, "Ask me in 2012." McMahon didn’t shoot down the possibility of going back to WWE however and it seems that if 2012 fails as well that will surely happen. Exit-poll data collected from the state of Connecticut showed that McMahon lost the race in almost all demographics except with the 65 years old and over voters. She got 52% of that to 46% of her opponent. Male voters overall were 52% versus 45% and when it came to female voters, McMahon got pummeled with 60% voting for Blumenthal versus 39% voting for her.