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Michael ‘Crash Holly’ Lockwood’s Funeral Arrangements

Mike “Crash Holly” Lockwood’s funeral will take place this Wednesday (11/12) at the Linn-Honeycutt Funeral Home in China Grove, North Carolina.

Visitation will be allowed from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Visitation will also be allowed from 6:30-8PM on Tuesday (11/11).

Lockwood’s widow, Christeena, stated the following:

“I was devastated. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

She and Crash were actually seperated at the time. Crash was living with good friend Steven Richards. He was found dead in Richards’ home.

As for the cause of his death, Christeena said the following:

“I know there are lots of things on the Internet about his death, but they’re not true. And I don’t want to say how he died because I’m afraid people will look at him negatively.”

Holly was set to work in Japan this January with Pro-Wrestling NOAH. He was also scheduled to start a trainer for Pro-Wrestling IRON later this month.

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