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SCW When Spirits Rise – Results.

The night of the 15th of November saw between 150 and 160 fans cram into the lower floor of the Couper Instritute, for SCW’s fourth event. No amount of “wow, what a show this was” or “Unbelievable, we continute to….” could do the event justice, so I’m not going to bother. I’ll just give you the brief results.

The Majik 1 or 30 Challenge:

Majik’s challenge was answered by Andy Hogg, who had Sabotage along with him at ringside. Both men worked a fine match, with Sabotage interjecting himself when he could and Andy Hogg looking a lot closer to his old self. Victory came to Andy Hogg, with Andy therefore earning spot 30 in the Skirmish and Majik entering number 1.

Total Annihilation vs The Averys: Falls Count Anywhere

With myself being Referee, Adam Shame demanded that the match be made an elimination match. The action spilled all over the ground floor, onto the stage and up into the balcony area of the Couper Institute. Both teams really took it to each other here and we saw Shaun Avery hit a walk up moonsault on both members of TA and a count made on the balcony wall (from below) whilst Adam Shame had Shaun Avery pinned on the balcony wall above. Youngsta Avery was the first to be eliminated, with Shaun Avery falling to some brutal double teaming soon afterwards.

Chris Charizma vs Conscience:

A good old fashioned inpromptu match, the result of which has escaped me due to being attacked backstage by Adam Shame.

Young Lions Tag Match
Aidan C/CJ Hunter vs Saltire/C4:

Saltire and C4 took the win in this one. Billy Grange made the count, even though Pete O’Neil was the designated Referee.

SCW Scottish Heavyweight Title
Drew “The Highlander From Hell” McDonald vs Eric “The Fist” Canyon:

Before this match started, Drew McDonald turned heel and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t type a lot of what was said on here. From reports I was given backstage, it was a classic match with Eric Canyon working a style reminiscent of Robbie Brookside and Drew giving a more brutal display than he did against Andy Hogg…that comes with turning heel though and, who knows, maybe he thought he was in there with Robbie one more time. Drew McDonald took the victory, though Eric managed to pull off a walk up neck breaker in the corner and had Drew very close to defeat on a number of occasions.

The 30 man SCW Caledonian Skirmish:

This was an absolutely chaotic match, with mini-feuds and storylines starting and continuing all the way through the hour and 20 minutes or so that it lasted for. Some of these feuds were as follows:

– Majik going from number 1 to lasting right up until the entrance of Andy Hogg at 30.

– C4 eliminating Conscience and showing he may be a Young Lion, but he’s ready to hang in there with the rest of the roster.

– CJ Hunter and Strongstyle Buchanan, 2 other YL’s who displayed that they weren’t just in there to make up the numbers.

– Hatred getting his hands of both The Averys, eliminating both. Yet more excellent action from a big man who is sure to become a breakout star in SCW over the next year and also set to make Total Annihilation one of the top tag teams in the UK.

– Adam Shame and Kenny Morrison, with myself going in with the sole intention of eliminating Adam Shame. The list of people who would have given their right arm to be Adam, as he smashed my head into a chair on the outside and generally kicked me from pillar to post is probably endless. Although, it did feel good to wrap a steel chain around my right wrist and drive it into the back of Shame. With Adam eliminating himself, after I dropped down from the ropes and myself stepping over to eliminate myself…this is one SCW mini-feud that’s sure to continue in some form, especially if you consider I didn’t really take too kindly to being DDT’d on the stage.

– The Shane question, which is a weird one even by SCW standards. Shane is a worker who, at training and production, is fairly quiet and keeps himself to himself. All he’d ever told us was that he was in there for the love of the fans and the cheers. So you can imagine the surprise as he went straight for Mr Natural, brutally beat him and eliminated him, before eliminating himself and continuing the brawl outside. With Mr Natural being sent backstage, Shane made his way to the stage, found a rather groggy me and shouted “WHAT DID YOU HIRE SHANE FOR????”. So, as I stood groggy and trying to work out all of this, Shane hit me with a DDT to the stage…MY SECOND OF THE NIGHT. So, this will be something the SCW Board have to look into as it’s really not a one night decision.

– Sabotage, tearing his way through a number of the roster and gaining the respect of a watching Drew McDonald at the same time. Sabotage really is one of the best big men in the UK right now and the entire SCW locker room must be living in fear of him. He’s also Andy Hogg’s bodyguard, so that adds an extra element to any of Andy’s matches.

– Assassin, easily the break out “face” member of the SCW roster for this evening. Not entirely sure who Assassin all eliminated, but he went into the Skirmish at around number 6 and I believe was maybe the third last man out. He may be yet to actually claim a victory in SCW, but his continual impressive performances are sure to mean that victory isn’t too far away.

– Kobayashi Marou winning the Skirmish, only to unmask as Conscience and attack Drew McDonald.

As I’ve already said, Conscience was Kobayashi Marou and this brought about the SCW locker room clearing out to keep Conscience and Drew apart. It failed and both men got their licks in on each other, as the SCW locker room struggled to keep them apart. Drew left the ring and I got in to make an announcement about the Main Event for Lion Rampant II in February. The match made was a Lumberjack Match between Drew and Conscience, but Drew announced he was refusing to give Conscience a shot and instead he would defend it against Sabotage who was the last eliminated. Again, this is yet another developing story which the SCW Board will need to deliberate on and make an announcment later.

After the event ended, it must have taken about an hour or so for all the fans to filter out and allow us to clear out the ring etc. Overall a fantastic night, hopefully we’ll get a video, documentary and an interview with Drew McDonald all released soo enough. We also had the BBC in filming beforehand and filming the event itself (They couldn’t get Scotland vs The Netherlands, SKY had that one nailed down hehe) so we’ll see where that all leads to…can only be good, going by the action on display last night.

Just remains to be seen where the road to Lion Rampant II leads everybody, although the King of Scotland Title will be up for grabs on that night and we will, in one shape or form, have a Scottish Heavyweight Championship Match.