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3CW: Dec 30th Billingham, Cleveland Results

 Brief results from Billingham at 3CW’s final show of the year…

Chris Whitton made his presence felt early in the show, as he was introduced to the crowd by MC Sweet Stevie as being unable to compete in a scheduled World Championship match. Chris, however, did nothing to endear himself to the crowd, hurling a barrage of insults before introducing the man he felt deserved the shot if not himself – a man returning after a long absence from 3CW, “The Real” Lance Thunder. Thunder in fact refused to enter to his former local crowd pleaser “Pigbag” music, instead walking out microphone in hand and ripping on Billingham, the 3CW higher ups and Champion Stevie Lynn, vowing to take the Championship home tonight…

EdEn defeated Ice XVII

Former crowd favorite Ice XVII was certainly back to his old ways in this one, bullying EdEn around the ring and taking any opportunity he could to cheat. Certainly a high impact opener, with the two long time rivals going toe to toe for the duration of the bout, before a series of reversals at the death saw EdEn take a huge career high victory with the Hellavator, really reestablishing himself as a contender in the process…

Christmas Chaos Rules – Cutting EDGEucation (William Grange) defeated the Kraze (Marky cool.gif to RETAIN the 3CW Tag Team Championship

Cutting EDGEucation were out first here, railing against the rules – those being that anything with a festive theme is in fact legal in the match! Scotland’s finest were NOT happy with this turn of events, but they were VERY happy to introduce a new member of the crew, a person who they’d convinced to tag along after a recent visit to the North Pole – allegedly – “Ms Claus”?! Long time fans would no doubt instantly have recognised Ms Claus as the talented competitor better known as Jetta, but her presence at ringside would not go unmatched, as of course wherever Cameron Kraze goes, Kyle and Marky are sure to be in the house also! With Kyle the veritable spirit of Christmas, dressed as he was in full Elf regalia, we saw “Rudolph” Marky Kraze and “Santa” Cameron Kraze compete in this one. Absolute Festive Mayhem ensued, including the involvement of a gift wrapped chair and various other Christmassy themed items. Throughout the bout it became quite obvious that Mr Cutting Edge himself, CJ Hunter, was somewhat smitten with the newest addition to Team CE, whilst William Grange was, well, somewhat smitten with CJ, and a huge subscriber to the term “three’s a crowd!”. This all became very clear at the end of the match, when, seeing “Ms Claus” on the apron, William deliberately whipped Marky into her, causing her to fall onto the outside of the ring but enabling CE to hit the Learning Curve and pick up the unpopular victory to retain the straps.

However, all was not done yet! Post match Ms Claus was none-too-happy at the turn of events that led to her plumetting to the outside of the ring, and made CE very aware of that! CE, having no real moral code, were quite happy to turn their backs on their new accomplice, but with Marky, Cam and Shooter all down, there was of course one further member of the Kraze to save the day – making his return to wrestling after a long injury lay off, the Mexican Kraze, EL LIGERO! Ligero cleaned house to help out Ms Claus, who was then happy to remove her Santa-themed jacket to reveal a trademark Kraze Hawaiian Shirt! Have we discovered a new member of the family?!

Dan Head defeated Ollie Burns to retain the FWA Academy Championship

A fast paced and fairly contested match between two graduates of the vaunted FWA Academy, these two really showed their stuff to the Billingham crowd, with Dan Head picking up the victory to retain his Championship. The story of this one, however, was all about the post match antics, as Ice XVII made his second appearence of the night, taking out both men before angrily pronouncing that he had declared the FWA dead, and it was time to end it…

…which turned out to be a BIG mistake. Misters Burns and Head had not come alone – a LARGE contingent from the Academy had come with them, and they were happy to then hop over the guardrail and surround the ring, in fact laying into Ice and later the unfortunate Kid Richie, before hurling a barrage of insults at 3CW and Billingham. The arrival of a portion of the 3CW roster lead to loud 3CW chants, before the Academy left as quickly as they’d made their presence felt.

3CW Management would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any of our great fans in Billingham who were offended by the actions taken by the FWA Academy representatives present at the show. The details of the incident that has occured have been broached with Academy management, and we can assure everyone present that there will be no repeat of a similar incident – those involved have been made very aware of how completely unacceptable their actions were. have learned that management are in the process of negotiating a more civil way of settling the differences that have occured over the past month between the two groups due in part to the unfortunate (and individual) actions of ICE XVII – keep an eye on the website for more developments in this situation in the new year!

Kid Richie defeated Pac to retain the 3CW Young Lions Championship

The odds were really stacked against Richie in this one, as the talented youngster had taken the brunt of the attack from the Academy representatives, but would not forfeit the match, and insisted on continuing. This no doubt inspired overconfidence in “The Man That Gravity Forgot”, as he bossed Kid Richie, attempting to not only defeat Richie and take his title but do it in style. This turned out to be a misjudgement from Pac, as Richie, famed for his tenacity, was able to turn the tide and score a very close and hard fought victory. Post match, it has been noted that Pac has been swearing that the Young Lions Champion has not heard the last of The Man That Gravity Forgot…

Chris Cannon defeated GBH in the Billingham Street Fight

Nothing but an all out brawl between these two former partners turned rivals, as months of anemosity was set loose in the ring. As close as they come, with Cannon managing eventually to pick up a hard fought victory. Judging by GBH’s reaction post match, however, this one is FAR from over…

the Vegas Connection defeated Totally Sensational (w/ Sean David)

Before the bout, Totally Sensational – debuting their new, allegedly self-penned theme tune – introduced the crowd to their new agent, the smug Sean David. David quickly ripped on Billingham and the Vegas Connection, before making his way to ringside, clipboard in hand. David at ringside clearly added a new dimension to the duo of the Playboy and the Pop Sensation, but tonight was no time to mess with the no nonsese, hard hitting Vegas Connection, who had a score to settle and a point to prove. No amount of cheating could get the job done for the duo of Mayson and Love, and even Sean David’s interference would backfire on route to a popular victory for the VC.

Post match, we saw David promise that he would, in fact, make TS the stars that they deserve to be…

Stevie Lynn defeated Lance Thunder (w/ Chris Whitton) to retain the 3CW Heavyweight Championship

The popular Champion Lynn was going up against a former two time 3CW Champion and former friend in the newly unpopular Thunder, backed up by his once rival turned ally, Simply the Best. Certainly Simply the Best came into play in this one, with the Dormanstown duo trying all they could to wrest the gold from around the waist of the man who last month pinned the Amazing Red. In the end it was in vein, however, with Lynn picking up the duke, and Thunder and Whitton looking suitably upset following the bout…

the Damned Nation went to a NO CONTEST with Conscience, Darkside, and Blake Norton when Norton turned his back on his partners!

And to round off a chaotic, emotional night in Billingham… we had the main event. Intended by newly found allies Conscience and Darkside as Norton’s final revenge against the group that has caused him utter misery in the past six months, instead this turned into a massacre – and not in the way that many fans may have envisaged. A hard fought bout no doubt, with the Nation and Brother War in particular looking very effective, and Conscience his usual dominant self, the fan favorites soon looked in trouble as Gabriel Grey apparently nailed Norton with a shot to the knee on the outside. This led to Blake falling from the apron frequently at unfortunate times – but of course, the whole ruse would be revealed later in the bout. The initial effect was to allow the popular Darkside to be cornered, and despite all his efforts, he would soon quite clearly need a tag. Following a brief restbite thanks to the Last True Phenom, Darkside would ultimately make the tag to the Celtic Tiger, who would then hobble into the ring to face his foes…. and then it happened.

The Nation had been boasting for months, and in fact before the match, about a having a 4th member. A 4th member that was apparently in the building as early as September at Darkest Deeds 2, but who never revealed himself. Tonight, it was said by the Pale Rider, he would make himself known. Many were suspected, from Kid Richie, to Conscience, to Darkside, to even Chris Whitton. No one suspected the awful truth, however, but it soon became clear when Norton paused, and instead of going after Grey waited for Darkside to stagger back in to assist him… before laying out his own tag team partner with a hard forearm. Norton then bounced around the ring to demonstrate that his knee, in fact, was fine – he had not been hit by Grey earlier in the bout, it was a ruse, and he then wasted no time in applying the dreaded Stu Lock. The Last True Phenom then attempted to make the save, and angrily accounted for War and Shame before attempting to nail his patented Revelations on Norton. Norton, however, swang straight around into the Stu Lock, and some additional licks from the Nation did the unthinkable, and left Conscience face first on the mat.

Grey and Norton had words for Billingham – trying to justify the heinous actions of the Celtic Tiger, saying that Norton had learned that it was better to ride in the saddle than to be trambled under the hooves… and that the Celtic Tiger no longer rides alone. Norton seemed to try to justify that he had learned recently that if you cannot beat them, join them, and that now the very people who had left his 3CW career in tatters would ensure his accession to 3CW Title glory. As if they hadn’t done enough, the foursome then continued to attack their fallen rivals, leading to a member of 3CW security and the referee, Matt Wilkinson, both trying to stop the attack and both being accounted for. Former wrestler turned announcer Sweet Stevie even attempted to break things up, the very man who brought Mr Norton back to 3CW in May, but he found himself on the wrong end of a powerbomb variation from Brother Shame.

3CW Champion Stevie Lynn had seen enough, and he made his presence felt, with the Nation wanting no part of the Champion. They had made their point and left – all barring Brother War, who apparently wanted a piece of the Champion. After an exchange of forearms the hot headed Lynn appeared to challenge War to a match – before War made himself scarce.

What will be the fallout to Blake Norton’s shocking actions? Will Blake Norton go straight after the 3CW Champion, or will the Nation do things the way they’ve become known for doing them – en masse? Find out in 2006, and watch out for the details of 3CW’s 2006 schedule coming soon to!

From all at 3CW, we hope you had a great Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!