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TSC: What If…

What if? It’s a question that I’d say is asked semi-regularly when it comes to pro wrestling. “What if Hulk Hogan had never come back to the World Wrestling Federation?” “What if Vince had never gone National?” “What if WCW and ECW had never gone out of business?””
This post is going to be a little different in that I’m going to ask questions and leave them open to your own interpretation. But they wont be the usual questions as mentioned above, those are asked amongst fans all-too-often and are worn out.
So, lets begin, kiddies:
1. What if Curt Hennig and Terry Taylor’s roles were reversed, and Hennig got the Red Rooster deal whereas Taylor landed the Mr. Perfect gig?
2. What if Hulk Hogan had turned heel in the WWF in 1993 instead of going to WCW?
3. What if the Ultimate Warrior had turned heel in late 1990 and had a rematch with Hogan in the 100,000 seat Los Angeles Coliseum at WrestleMania VII?
4. What if the steroid scandal never hit the WWF in 1991?
5. What if Superstar Billy Grahams WWWF title run wasn’t cut short and he reigned longer as champion?
Those are just a few which, if things had happened that way instead of the ways they did, would have completely changed the course of professional wrestling history.
Its really interesting to think that the slightest difference could have changed EVERYTHING.
Personally, I’d have loved to have seen the Warrior as a heel in the World Wrestling Federation during the prime of his career in 1990/1991. I think he could have made a spectacular heel because he legitimately is an asshole when he wants to be. I think heel Warrior turning on face Hogan and them having a re-match in front of 100,000 people would have been an incredible spectacle.
Hogan turning on Bret at SummerSlam 1993 would have been a cool thing to see as well, although I doubt it would have had the impact of his WCW turned and consequent forming on the nWo.
Like I said, though, I’ll leave it alone and you can think up your own scenarios of what might have been different had these things changed.

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I think if the steroid scandal would not of hit the WWF in 1991 the WWF would have given us 4 more years of great action. Many of their stars were released because of the steroid scandal and that opened up WCW to make a run during 1992. The WWF was not as good at it had been in previous years prior.

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